• September 28, 2022
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Heart Diseases in Young Adults: How to Reduce Heart Attack Risk? Expert Answers

Heart diseases are often referred to as an ailment faced by the older age groups. However, over the past few years, a shift in the average age of heart attacks has been observed where the number of heart attacks among people in the young age group increased by 2% a year between 2000 and 2016. Our heart health is a mirror of our overall health, and poor heart health is linked to other illnesses including diabetes, cholesterol, and liver problems.Also Read – Check Ankle For Heart-Related Diseases: Can it Be a SYMPTOM of Serious Heart Issue? Here’s What we Know

A bad heart is an automatic indicator of an unhealthy body and, sedentary behavior coupled with inactivity are responsible for increasing the risk of cardiac ailments in young adults. Lack of sleep, stress, addiction to drugs or smoking and consuming too many calories are additional causes of heart attacks. Once the condition becomes serious, hospitalization is necessary so that the patient can receive round-the-clock care and be closely monitored for a faster recovery. Also Read – Food For Heart: 5 Healthy Items to Add in Your Diet if You Are Suffering From Any Heart Diseases